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Witty and Bold

Courtesy of Ipos

Otsp I I I
30 September 1984
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I am making my life what it is.
!??!, 'pataphysics, a powerful wizard, a scary ghost, absurdism, adam kadmon, ambient humor, arcologies, baphomet, be your own pet, bears vs skeletons, bedazzled, benjamin franklin music, berserk, bff, blowing your dome, boner, brazil, brutalist architecture, buckaroo banzai, china meiville, clown pistols, conan, cool points, crystal skulls, cthulhu live, darkest ofthe hillside thickets, daryl surat, death from above 1979, dino bones, dionysus, dorian gray, eating a bear, ecstatic dancing, electric six, erotic androgyny, fake day, fashion photography, feelin' froggy? jump!, freemasonry, gay harry potter, giving myself fetishes, god machines, god-emperors, grim nature of reality, guy spiggott, gwen stefani, h p lovecraft, hans bellmer, hastur, hellblazer, high concept, hoofy, hounds tooth, hunter x hunter, i am the messiah, inappropriate crushes, intp, ipos, jigglypuff, joe boogich, judge dredd, kafkaesque humor, karate chops, kazuo koike, keep your mana up, kevin barnes, living in a car, low concept, maintaining my crit, mancop, master and margarita, meat parties, methodical irrationality, mew, mir, mods vs rockers, moe-chan, monster girls, mystery religion, naked lunch, nemesis, neo-decadence, of montreal, omni-science, orgone theory, otsp i i i, ouch no, owen pallett, paris hilton, parthenogenic books, phat larps, pink bridget, psuedoscientific fashion, raging out, rasputin, reason's shattered altar, robocop, rock star metamorphosis, sachiko hanai, self-programming, sexual frustration, sexy fucking hair, shadowrun, shiro ishii, skulls bleeding, smash tv, soapy jones, springheel jack, stab team, story of the eye, street preachers, strip talisman, sumo club, surrealist vandalism, survive style 5+, tazelwurms, terminal humor, that baby's face, the beast, the cougarrr, the doom generation, the exterminators, the fiend, the hero's journey, the illuminatus trilogy, the inevitable apocalypse, the phallic centipede, the phallic lobster, the stranger, the subtle brainmind, the yellow sign, thoughtbirds, throwing spears from convertibles, tilda swinton, trepanation, uncle ponto, unhealthy inspiration, uwe boll, vick hatchette, vomiting blood, we're in a fight, weishaupt, winklepickers, witty and bold, wizard things, woland, worms 2, writing comic books, x-statix